About the Blog
“Dress Code: Chic” will revolve around fashion in general and my personal style. It will also include lifestyle posts and regular music and food related ones. If you see anything you like, follow me via social networks I posted on my page to keep in touch!

What Started It?
My love for fashion came to life a few years back when I discovered ASOS Fashion Finder, a social platform where you can share looks, create outfits, enter competitions and much more. I made my way into the Fashion Finder world and I accidentally rediscovered myself; my style and fashion preferences changed considerably since then as I received daily doses of inspiration from beautiful people (literally and figuratively) who form the wonderful Fashion Finder community. It's an intimate, cosy place to be a part of and has ultimately become my "virtual home". It's an experience which broadened my mind and fashion sense allowing me to try new things which I wouldn't have even considered in the past.

Personal Style
My fashion style cannot be defined in one word; I'm always open to try new trends and new styling ideas. However, I do often find myself dressed in something sweet and chic, with a subtle vintage twist. Cannot live without my skater skirts and flats! Currently obsessed with pointed shoes, bold print combos and bright colours. My favourite A/W13 trends are bold, pink, grunge and winter florals – although I would try anything if money wasn’t an issue *daydreaming*

Get to Know Me
I’m a 22 year old and my dreams include growing my own organic farm and starting a raw vegan restaurant – yes, I’m a health freak. I’m quite a geek - Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, everything Marvel, everything Stargate, Star Trek & others obsessed. Quite a bookworm as well, my favourite author is Agatha Christie, have read every single book she wrote (favourite character - Poirot). Adore sci-fi and fantasy movies but also huge fan of action, adventure, thriller (won’t say no to a good drama either). In terms of comedy, love Will Ferrel, I think he’s hilarious. Can’t actually be objective but I like to think I’m a fun, easy-going, happy person, an idealist to the point of a dreamer eager to help and make a difference!

If you have any other questions about whatever really, send me an email and I’d be happy to reply asap! xx

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  1. You and your blog are amazing! I love your style. I could like every single outfit you created on Asos Fashion Finder so far. :D

    Only the best from Germany,

    (blog: http://tinydesigncorner.blogspot.de/)


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