Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Metallic Details

I wanted to do a more colourful and summery outfit for today but the weather is so gloomy that I had to comply. I wanted to style these gorgeous trousers, don't think you can tell but they have a metallic finish to them and the colour is actually a deep blue violet-..ish (ugh, I'm not good with colours!)
I had an obsession with trousers at the beginning of spring and bought a lot of pairs but these one fit me the best and they're the easiest to style. I'm having second thoughts about the shirt, it looks so baggy on me although it's supposed to be a tight fit. The shoes and clutch I both love + they were a steal really - I bought the clutch on sale, it was down to £8 from £30 whoop! The shoes were down to £20 something from £60 ^^ I believe they are still in stock!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Outfit Collage + Music Monday

I create outfits on Fashion Finder on almost a daily basis, have developed a routine in the morning - I wake up and before doing anything really I find myself on FF creating a set and catching up with my very talented friends. My favourite from last week is Power Chic:

Friday, 24 May 2013

Stripes and Pop!

Wow, finally, my first post! *oh the excitement* I decided starting this blog a couple of months ago and since then have been working on its title, concept, design, etc. I'm quite happy with the result but would greatly appreciate any suggestions and/or feedback from you guys! :)


So, since this is a blog about fashion it's only fair that my first post would be about just that. I wore this on a night out and ended up at the cinema (watched Star Trek - Into the Darkness and it was amazing!). It's a smart casual outfit, comfy yet stylish - I paired a oh-so-now monochrome stripe dress with midi heels, a simple black with gold details bag and finished the look with a statement necklace. I'm awfully sorry about my hair - I'm letting it grow for the first time and it's not too short, not too long so not quite sure what to do with it!